Node js development

Thanks to the creator of Node.js who made such an amazing open source and cross browser environment based on JavaScript so as to grab the attention of millions of web developers to develop highly scalable and efficient websites and server side web applications.


In an event-driven application, there is a main loop that listens for events, and then triggers a callback function when one of those events is detected. Node.js also provides a non-blocking I/O API that optimizes an application's throughput and scalability.

The Node.js Website Development, as well App Development, becomes easier, quicker and better due to these amazing features:

Event driven

Built-in library

Universal coding

Agile development


Light weight


Companies are in awe of the speed at which Node.js functions. It runs on the V8 engine developed by Google that uses JavaScript into native machine code and operates at a super speed. Node.js spares all the trouble involved with forming separate threads and instead uses a single thread, that is, the event loop that takes care of all the asynchronous I/O operations.

The event-driven architecture caters to both the client-side and the server-side that are written in JavaScript and thus the synchronization process is fast and orderly. The event loop through web socket protocol which works on TCP handles the multi-user function and prevents the overhead of HTTP for web development.